Jellly is about 4 creative minds who joined forces in order to enrich the world with their art. Together they formed a band, playing a style best described as Psy-Glam, powerful but melodic.

Individually they're involved in various artistic disciplines which allows them to bounce off each other and makes the combination of these 4 people even more interesting.

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Jellly Summer Special

July 17, 2018

It’s hot in London. 

As I am writing this my sweaty fingers slip all over the keyboard. But I won’t complain, I personally love the heat and the sunshine brings smiles and good vibes (unless you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the M1, trying to get to a gig).


Here at Jellly Headquarters it’s definitely smiles all round as we’ve just released our second EP in pink called Strawberry Jellly which is being very well received, so well in fact that we sold out all the copies we took along to recent gigs.


In this issue of the Jellly Zine we reminisce about all the cool festivals we’ve played this year but it’s also released with great anticipation of playing Kozfest at the end of July. 


Further more, we bring to you a summer special of our night at the Gunners in London on the 21st of July, featuring 5 bands instead of the usual 3: Argonaut, The Venomers, Rites of Hadda and Knights of the Dark Soul.

Come along, get your free copy of the zine and find out more about the bands on the next pages.


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