Jellly is about 4 creative minds who joined forces in order to enrich the world with their art. Together they formed a band, playing a style best described as Psy-Glam, powerful but melodic.

Individually they're involved in various artistic disciplines which allows them to bounce off each other and makes the combination of these 4 people even more interesting.

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An absolute nightmare trip to Rotherham– except it wasn't!

September 18, 2019

 Vera on Bass and Martin on drums


When our van broke down 25 miles away from The Hive, where we were looking forward to playing in a few hours, we were still confident it wasn't a big deal and that the van would start up again after cooling down a little. It did but then the same thing happened again, until we bit the expensive bullet and rang the AA (no, we didn't have any cover as in the 7 years with our Jelllycopter, nothing ever happened and we had paid it in vain).
The AA-man was puzzled, there was nothing wrong with the van according to his gadget-me-thing. But the dial kept going into overheat which cut out the go-pedal. It was suspected there was something wrong with the jelllycopter jelllybrain.
By this time we were due on stage The AA-man took pity on us and said he would tow us all the way to the venue, which he wasn't allowed to, but he would and he did, and free of charge!!!!!
Steve Iles from IndigoBravo promotions knew we were now on our way and didn't give up on us! He pushed back stage times for all the bands and even got the headline act to swap slots with us! Massive shout out at this point to Elysian Divide for their flexibility! We arrived just in time for their set and they were great!
We decided we were not gonna let the events impact our moods and thoroughly enjoyed playing our set! The vibe was great as always in this beautiful venue! Thanks everybody for staying a little longer!
Landlord Mark Frith let us crash the night and partied with us until the wee hours 🙂
The next day we were greeted by hot sunshine and it was agreed a breakfast beer was in order whilst Mark showed us Rotherham and it's beautiful minster.
But his hero-ship doesn't end there: He has agreed for us to leave the van with him to see if he can get it fixed! And so we could get back to London to attend to our duties here... What an absolute champ!
So, going with the flow, it ended up a trip worth remembering, not for the ass ache of the break down but for all the help and friendship we encountered and all the fun that was had!

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